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The Big 8  - Title Graphic

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Big 8 with Kelly and Dave Coady contributed by John Baird

Brendan Boyer, Tom Dunphy Big 8 - Management: T.J. Byrne, Mulberry, larkfield, Carlow, Ireland. Tel: Carlow 41322/41276 - band handout photo contributed by John Baird with Kelly and Dave Cody

On Card Text: Brendan Boyer Tom Dunphy Big 8 with Kelly and Dave Coady

Management: T.J. Byrne. Mulberry, Larkfield, Carlow, IRELAND. Tel: Carlow 41322/41276

Pic - Brendan Boyer, Tom Dunphy and the Big 8 Showband - Stardust hotel postcard for St Patrick's DayBig 8 postcard blurb

On Card Text: When away from home, there's no place we'd rather celebrate St. Patrick's Day than at The Stardust Hotel.

May the blessing and peace that St. Patrick brings you on this day last throughout the coming year. Brendan Boyer Tom Dunphy and the Irish Showband

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