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Read "The Capitol Showband" with photos contributed by Pat Loughman
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The following artists have, at one time or another, performed with the Capitol Showband: Paddy Cole (Sax), Jim Doherty, John Drummond, Jimmy Hegan (lead guitar, banjo), Des Kelly (bass, vocals, arrangement), Johnny Kelly, Don Long (Trombone), Pat Loughman (Trombone), Bram McCarthy, Eamon Monaghan, Butch Moore (Lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Noel McNeill (lead vocals), Eddie Ryan (sax), Paul Sweeney (trumpet)

Large Pic of Butch Moore and The Capitol Showband from Sheetmusic of Down, Down, Down Came the Rain

Description: from left....Jimmy Hogan, Don Long, Paddy Cole, Butch Moore (RIP), Eamonn Monaghan, Des Kelly,Johnny Kelly (RIP) and  Bram McCarthy

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