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The Classic Showband - Title Graphic

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Group Photo from 22 June 2006 Ritchie Daly tribute show on Midlands Gold Radio

Photo: Group photo taken on the evening of Midlands Gold Showcase [host, Dave Hynes] tribute to Ritchie Daly (RIP) on 22 June 2006.
Right to Left: Sean Kenny, Mick Foster, Joe O'Hehir, Ollie Kennedy and Bill (Brendan) McCauley,

(L-R)1. Ollie Kennedy, Sean Kenny, Mick Foster, Bill McCauley 2. Sean Kenny. Mick Foster, Bill McCauley, Joe O'Hehir
3. Erin Goonery , Ollie Kennedy, Sean Kenny 4.Frank McIntyre 5 & 6. Sean Kenny
7. Sean Kenny, Joe O'Hehir, and Mick Foster 8.Ruth Illingworth (local historian)

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