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The Cleffonaires - Title Graphic

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Photo contributed by Mary ______"...a true fan"

The Clefs (The Cleffonaires) - Photo contributed by Mary of Wexford

Lineup : Mickey Brennan (trombone), Michael Burns (trumpet), Billy Tyson (vocals), Padraig Potter (sax), Frankie Brennan (guitar), Dominic Smith (drums) and Roddy Gillen (vocals, guitar). Photo taken in 1964.

Also known as the Cleffs[Clefs]...."They played all over the West of Ireland and were based in Sligo"...often playing at the Silver Slipper* (no longer in existence - a housing estate fills the spot where it once stood) "They played together for at least 6 years and then a couple of them joined other bands: Mike Brennan went to the Victors; Padraig Potter went to the Ohio.

"Roddy and Mike are still playing jazz sessions in Sligo. [The Jazz Lads] every Sunday in a pub called The Quays, Sligo ." ©Mary _____ 25 Sept 2003 [note: if anyone knows the rest of the Jazz Lads present line-up, drop us an email or leave a note in the guestbook]

The Jazz Lads appearing at The Quays, Sligo - submited by Mary, Wexford

*sign over the doorway of the Silver Slipper read: " Under these portals have stepped some of the most beautiful women in Ireland"

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