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The Crackaways - Title Graphic

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Picture contributed by Danny Murray

Pic - Patricia and the Crackaways

Top (l to r): John Gorman(sax), Paud Kavanagh(trumpet), Frank (Monty) Montgomery (guitar), Noel Byrne, Paddy Rabbitte (trombone).
Front (l to r) : Noel(Speedy) McCormack(lead guitar), Patricia Pender , Mickey Kenny(bass guitar)

Note: Special thanks to Michael O'Hara who played bass guitar with the Crackaways from 1963 to 1964 for helping match names with faces. He also adds that the Crackaways later changed their name to the Playmates. And, yet another sincere thank-you to Debbie Byrne for Id-ing her dad, Noel.

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