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The Johnny Christophre Show (Derry) - Title Graphic

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Photo contributed by Pat McCrossan

Band Photo: The Johnny Christopher Show contributed by Pat McCrossan

From left to right: Frank Deeney – Guitar & vocals; Brendan McCrossan Bass/vocals; Jack Molloy - Drums/Sax/comedy; Pat McCrossan Guitar/vocals/comedy; Bill Mellon – Drums/keyboard/vocals

The Girls: L to R Marietta McGrellis – guitar/vocals; June McLaughlin – vocals.

The Johnny Christopher Show, Derry. Born 1966 and died the same year.The guys are still alive and playing around Derry, but I don’t know anything about the girls. This was a marvelous collection of talent that just didn’t get off the ground. Note: We took turns at being Johnny Christopher, even the girls.

ID's and comments provided by Pat McCrossan(2008)

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