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"At it's peak the showband boom provided employment directly to some 12,000 people..."(source: The Northside Folklore Project:

Listed below are the names of some of the more well-known showbands. In time, this list will expand and include links to scrapbook pages containing photographs and other showband memorabilia. If you would like to suggest that we include a band not listed here, please feel free to send in the name (to: or leave a note in the showband memory book . If you have pictures you'd like to share, or have included on this site -- we'd love to see them --before sending any, however, please do take the time to read our submission guidelines.

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~ d ~
note: #'s in brackets tell how many pics are in that section
The Michael Dalton Showband T. R. Dallas Band [1] The Danstimers Showband
The Davitt Brothers Showband [1] The Debonaires[1] The Decca Showband
The Dee-Jays The Defenders Showband [1] Mick Delahunty and his Band
Delta All Stars The Delta Boys Showband The Demons Showband
The Denver Showband The Deputies Showband The Derek Joys[1]
The Derry City Showband The Derrytones Showband The Des-Etts Showband
The Des Lee Band The Detroit The Diamonds
Dickie's Band[4] Dingaling The Diplomats
The Dixielanders [2] The Dixies[2] The Alex Dixon Showband
The Dave Dixon Orchestra/Dixonaires [8] The Domino Showband The Donnays Showband
The Jimmy Donnelly Irish Showband Malachy Doris Showband The Dots[1]
The Downbeats The Dreambeats The Dreams
Joe Dolan and the Drifters[16] The Driftwood Showband Dromore/Trillick Showband
The Drumbeats[1] The Jimmy Dunny Showband The Dynamics Showband
~ e ~
The Easybeats The Echoes The Editors[1]
The Eldorado The Embassy Showband The Emeralds
The Emperors[1] The Empire Showband The Encores
Evlyn and the Envoys The Ennjay Quartet The Epic Showband[2]
The Esquires The Exciters The Exiles Showband
The Express Showband [3] The Everglades Showband [1]
~ f ~
The Fab Five
The Fairways[3]
The Falcons The Jim Farley Allstars[1] The Jim Farrelly Showband
The Federals[2] The Fendermen [2] The Fernandos
Jimmy Ferne Showband Orchestra The Fiesta Showband [1] The Finnavons [1]
The Firehouse Five [1] The Five Silhouettes The Jack Flahive Band [5]
Flair [2] The Fleet Showband The Flying Carlton Dance Band
The Johnny Flynn Showband[3] The Fontana Showband (Antrim)[4] The Young Fontana (Antrim) [3]
The Fontana Showband [Cork] The Footappers[1] The Foyle Showband
The Freshmen [3] The Friars The Frielmen[1]
~ g ~ The Gamblers[1] The Gaylords[2]
The Gentry Gene and the Gents[2] The Giants[1]
The J.P. Gill Dance Band Gimik [1]
Glen Country[2] The Globe Trotters [1] Dave Glover Band/All Stars [3]
The Jack Glynn Quintet The Golden Aces The Golden Seven
Goldust [1] Tony and the Graduates The Grafton Showband [1]
The Granada Showband Tracy and the Grassroots The Gravediggers Showband
The Great 8 The Green Angels [2] The Greenbeats[1]
Roly Daniels & Green Country [2] The Grenada Showband The Grenadiers
~ h ~
The Jack Hanley Showband The Fred Hanna Danceband The Frank Hanvey Showband
The Harlequins Showband The Harmony Aces Showband The Harvest Showband
The Jack Harrison Showband The Hawaiian Showband The Heartbeats Showband
The High Seas/C's Showband [2] The Highwaymen The Hi-Lows[3]
Ray Lynam & the Hillbillies [2] The Hilton Showband[20] Earl Gill/Sean Dunphy & the Hoedowners[3]
The Hollywood Stars The Homesteaders The Honeybunch
The Hootnannys The Hudson Showband [2] Dinny Hughes Showband [2]
The Hunters The Huntsmen Showband The Red Hurley Band[1]
The Hurricans Showband [1] Brendan Hughes and the Huskies The Hustlers Showband
The Huston Showband
~ i ~
The Idaho Showband (1)
The Ideal Showband [1] The Impact Showband The Imperial Allstars (The Imps)
The Incas Showband The Indians [1] The Inmates Showband
The Innkeepers Showband The International Showband The Interns Showband
The Invaders Showband The Pat Irwin Allstars

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"There was a time in this town when a man couldn't throw a stone at random and fail to hit a past, present or soon-to-be member of a showband."
(source: Gerry Anderson TV/Radio Presenter & ex-showband member :

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