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"At it's peak the showband boom provided employment directly to some 12,000 people..."(source: The Northside Folklore Project:

Listed below are the names of some of the more well-known showbands. In time, this list will expand and include links to scrapbook pages containing photographs and other showband memorabilia. If you would like to suggest that we include a band not listed here, please feel free to send in the name (to: or leave a note in the showband memory book . If you have pictures you'd like to share, or have included on this site -- we'd love to see them --before sending any, however, please do take the time to read our submission guidelines.

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note: #'s in brackets tell how many pics are in that section
The Jackpots Showband [1] The Jazzmen The Jets[1]
The Jivenaires Jimmy Johnston Showband [1] The Jokers
The George Jordan Showband Joe Judge and the Jury
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The Kamels
The Neil Kearns Showband The Tom Kelly Band The Kentones Showband [3]
The Kentuckians Showband DJ and the Kerry Blues[1] The Kestrels Showband
The Keymen Showband The Keynotes King Creole [1]
Prince Vince and the Kings[1] The Kingston Showband The Kingston All Stars [1]
The Klan Showband Kelley with Klass [1] The Klondyke Showband
The Knights [1] The Knoxville Showband
~ l ~
The Laganmen The Lakewood Swingtette
The Lamplighters Showband The Laredo Showband The Las Vegas Showband
The Leaders The Lee and Quo Showband The Walter Lewis Showband [11]
The Lions Showband The Limits The Londonaires
The Pat Loughman Showband [1] Maurice Lynch Showband
~ m ~
Tony Mac's Showband Paddy McCafferty Bandshow Johnny McEvoy & his Country Band [2]
The Billy McFarland Band The Gay McIntyre Band The Alex McKee Band
The Tom McKechnie Band McMahon's Band The Madisons Showband[2]
The Madlads Showband The Magic Showband The Magnificent 7 ( Mags) [3]
The Mainliners (Derry) [1] Big Tom and the Mainliners [5] The Majestic Showband
The Ollie Maloney Showband The Manhattan Showband [Dublin] [2] The Manhatten Showband
The Marines [1] The MarkV Showband The Martells
The Marvettes Showband The Matadors Showband The Masters Showband
The Melody Aces [3] The Melody Makers The Mellow Chords
The Mellowtone Showband The Melotones The Memphis Showband
The Merrymen Showband The Merry Minstrels [1] The Mexicans [1]
The M.I. Five Showband The Miami Showband[11] The Millionaires [2]
The Misfits The John Mitchell Showband The Modenaires Showband
The Monaco Showband The Monarchs [1] Tarzan and the Monkeys
The Montana Showband The Montrose Showband The Moonglows Showband
The Moonlight Showband The Teddy Moran Group The John Morrow Band
The Mounties Showband [1] Maurice Mulcahy Band[6] The Humphrey Murphy Showband
The Music Makers The Mysterymen Showband The Mystics

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"There was a time in this town when a man couldn't throw a stone at random and fail to hit a past, present or soon-to-be member of a showband."
(source: Gerry Anderson TV/Radio Presenter & ex-showband member :

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