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"At it's peak the showband boom provided employment directly to some 12,000 people..."(source: The Northside Folklore Project:

Listed below are the names of some of the more well-known showbands. In time, this list will expand and include links to scrapbook pages containing photographs and other showband memorabilia. If you would like to suggest that we include a band not listed here, please feel free to send in the name (to: or leave a note in the showband memory book. If you have pictures you'd like to share, or have included on this site -- we'd love to see them --before sending any, however, please do take the time to read our submission guidelines.

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note: #'s in brackets tell how many pics are in that section
The Nashville Ramblers [1] The Nashville Showband The Neary Brothers
The Newmen Showband [7] The Nevada [5] Lola and the New Blues
The George Newman Band The New Yorkers Showband The Nightrunners [1]
The Nomads [1] The Northern Comets Showband The Northern Star Showband
~ o ~
The Tommy O'Brien Showband
Michael O'Callaghan Showband[1] The Oceans[3] The Odeon Showband
Gerry and the Ohio Showband[3] The Olympia Showband The Olympic Showband
The Oklahoma Showband [1] The Omega Showband The Orients Showband
The Oriole Showband The Orlando Showband The Orpheus Showband
The Mighty Oscars
~ p ~
The Pacific Showband [3] The Panama Showband
The Paragon 7 [3] The Paramount Showband The Lee Parker Group
The Frank Parks Showband The Pasadena Showband The Pasado Showband
The Pavillionaires Showband The Pendulums Showband The Phantoms (Dunmurry) [6]
The Phantoms (Mullingar) [2] Samba and the Philosophers The Pioneers Showband
Dermot Hegarty and the Plainsmen[4] The Plattermen[5] The Playmates Showband
The Polka Dots [3] The Willie Ponsoby Dance Band The Tommy Power Showband
The Powermen The Prairie Ramblers [1] The Premier Aces[3]
The Presidents [2] The Professionals The Prophets Showband
The Pyramids Showband
~ q ~
The Johnny Quigley All Stars/Showband[1]
~ r ~
The Radiant Showband
The Radio Showband [1]
The Raindrops Showband [1] The Ramblers The Rambling Men
The Raydots [3] The Ravens [1] The Real McCoy [1]
The Rebel Showband [1] The Johnny Reck Showband The Red Admirals Showband [1]
The Red Seven Miko Ball and the Red Shadows The Regal Showband[1]
The Regency Showband[2] The Rhythm Aces The Rhythmaires Showband
The Rhythm Boys [1] The Rhythm Stars [1] The Rimshots
The Rio Showband The Rising Sons Dance Band The Riverboys [1]
The Riviera Showband [1] The Robinaires [1] Pat Ely and the Rockytops [1]
The Rollin Tones Doc Carroll and the Royal Blue The Royal Blues[3]
The Royal Chords The Royal Dukes The Royal Earls [1]
The Royal Safari The Royal Showband[4] The Royal Stars Showband
The Royaltones Showband The Royal Viceroys The Jack Ruane Showband [1]

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"There was a time in this town when a man couldn't throw a stone at random and fail to hit a past, present or soon-to-be member of a showband."
(source: Gerry Anderson TV/Radio Presenter & ex-showband member :

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