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"At it's peak the showband boom provided employment directly to some 12,000 people..."(source: The Northside Folklore Project:

Listed below are the names of some of the more well-known showbands. In time, this list will expand and include links to scrapbook pages containing photographs and other showband memorabilia. If you would like to suggest that we include a band not listed here, please feel free to send in the name (to: or leave a note in the showband memory book .If you have pictures you'd like to share, or have included on this site -- we'd love to see them --before sending any, however, please do take the time to read our submission guidelines.

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note: #'s in brackets tell how many pics are in that section
The Safaris Showband [1] The Sailors [1] The Saints [1]
St Mary's Bandshow Vin Brogan and the San Antones San Bernadino [1]
The Sands [1] The San Remo Showband The Santa Fe [1]
The Savannah Showband The Savoy Showband The Savoy Swing Seven [1]
The Scarlet Seven Showband Raymond Scott Quintet Gerry Black and Seasons[1]
The Secrets The Seekers Showband [2] The Senators [1]
The Serenaders Showband Brendan Shine Superband [4] The Sierra Showband
The Signs The Silhouettes [1] The Silver Dollars
The Sinners The Skyliners Showband The Skymasters Showband
The Skyrockets [2] The Slick Six Showband The Slieve Foy Showband
The Chick Smith Showband The Smokey Mountain Ramblers The Snowdrifters Showband [1]
The Somertones Showband The Sonics Showband Derrick and the Sounds [2]
The Soundtracks Showband The Spaniards The Specialists [1]
The Spectres Showband The Spotlights Showband Stage 2 [1]
The Stardust Showband [2] The Starlight Showband The Starliners Showband
The Statesiders Paddy Douglas and the Steelmen The Stellas, Tony G Ford and [7]
The Sterling Showband [2] The Strandsmen The Strangers
The Stratatones Showband The Strollers Showband The Students Showband
The Sundowners The Supreme Showband The Swallows [1]
The Swarbriggs Band The Swingbeats Showband The Swing College Showband
The Swinging Jarveys The Swinging Viscounts The Swingtime Aces[2]
The Sylvians Showband
~ t ~
The Tahiti Showband The Tallmen The Teenbeats[1]
The Teeveetones The Telstars Showband The Temperence 7
The Texas Band Show The Thunderbeats Showband The Thunderbolts
The Times Band[6] The Tonics Showband The Topflights Showband
The Topical Showband The Toppers Showband The Top 7 Showband
The Toreadors Showband The Travellers [3] The Tremors Showband
The Trenniers Showband The Trident Showband The Trixons [1]
The Tropical Showband Johnny Regan and the Tumbleweeds Tuxedo Junction
Maxi, Dick and the Twink
~ u ~
The Ukons Showband Chris Lambe and the Universals
The USA Showband
~ v ~
The Valentines Showband The Vampires
The Vanguard Six [1] The Vaqueres Showband The Velvetones Showband
The Ventures [1] The Vibratones Showband [3] The Viceroy Showband
Art Supple and the Victors [5] The Virginians [2] Paul Russell and the Viscounts
The Viva Showband The Voxenaires
~ w ~
The Walkers
The Brose Walsh Showband The Warriors The Washington Showband
The Wee Four Showband[1] The West Coasters The Westerners
The Billy White Showband The Bob Wilson Showband The Jack Wilson Showband
The Witnesses [1] The Woodchoppers [2] The Woodpeckers [1]
The Kevin Wood Showband The Wolverines Showband
~ xyz ~
The Yaks The Young Clavons Showband
The Young Earls The Young Shadows The Young Stars [1]
The Young Vikings Showband The Zodiacs [1] The Zulus Showband

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"There was a time in this town when a man couldn't throw a stone at random and fail to hit a past, present or soon-to-be member of a showband."
(source: Gerry Anderson TV/Radio Presenter & ex-showband member :

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