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"There was many a showband musician who tinkered away with a blast of Hendrix in the back of the wagon, but who put away such childish things to don the showband fatigues, and churn out the old reliables for the unfortunate punters." (Source:RoryOn )

What we're looking for:

  • Showband pictures from the past (the hand-out pictures you got at the end of the dance, remember?!) or snapshots of showbands or showband members.
  • Candids and snapshots of dancehalls, ballrooms, dancers.
  • Showband memorabilia - posters, postcards, photos of advertising signs/placards, ect.

What we'd like you to do:

  • Provide as much identifying information as you can - ie. if a photograph, when it was taken (Year), who took the photo, who is in the photograph, the location the photo was taken, and if there's a story to go with it - please share it with us.
  • Please do not send pics from newspapers, magazines or books or other copyrighted material unless you are either the copyright owner or are able to provide contact information that would allow us to seek permission to reproduce them online.
  • Scan photos/memorabilia at high resolution, and a little larger in size than the original. Save in jpg, gif, or pict format and send them to us as an email attachment. We cannot, at this time, accept material sent in by mail. Our email address is: Webmaster
  • Also, please provide us with contact information - your name, email address , website url if you have one, mailing address and telephone number. We will not use either the address or the phone number on the site - we would, however, like to have them on hand in case we need to contact you at a later date. Please do tell us if we can use your email addy online.

What We'll Do:

  • We don' t guarantee that every pic will be placed on line - but if we do use your pic, we'll identify you as the contributor and provide a link back to your homepage (or biz homepage) if you'd like.
  • You may contact us at any time, if you decide you no longer want your pics online, we will remove them promptly.All copyrights of submitted material remain those of their respective owners.


Note to Copyright owners - Any infringement, or perceived infringement, should be brought to our attention immediately, and we will work to rectify it without delay.

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