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Section header - 2002 Reunion

Weren't able to attend the Reunion? William B. Devine puts pen to paper and shares his evening - Click here to read.


*if you've taken some Jives Reunion pix and would like to share them - scan them in jpg, pict or bmp format and send them as email attachments to Please be sure to identify persons in photos (our memories ain't what they used to be!) ..and if you have a little reunion story you'd like to tell, send that along as well! ~~ The Jives

Reunion gig photos (contd.) by Eoin Keating
Michael Kennedy Michael Kennedy All dressed up to be a showband and nowhere to play! Reunion Bartenders and Barmaid Reunion Barmaid
Band onstage - longshot Pat Hever -"Adulation" "Still Jivin!" Mary
Christie Regan - "turn a little to the left" Patrick Hoye - Hot licks Evelyn mid song
Evelyn Coccoli Evelyn Coccoli Patrick Hoye Evelyn Coccoli and Michael Kennedy - Pre Rehearsal
Sean Kenny - Rehearsal Patrick Hoye - Rehearsal Michael Kennedy, Liam and Eveyn in front of the stage, set-up Liam
Honor and Vanessa
Honor and Vanessa Liam and Dymphna Dymphna
Dymphna Sean Kenny "..and over here is a typical showband" Sean Kenny Sean Kenny
Sean Kenny
Sean Kenny
Patrick Hoye Patrick Hoye
Thumbnail Gallery 3 contd. * - click on pic to see fullsized version
Patrick Hoye Patrick Hoye Frank Montgomery Groupies are forever...
Thankyous Pat Hever.... and adoring fans Liam Conroy - Autographing Poster Liam Conroy talking with...???
standing up to sing singing

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