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Brendan Shine Superband Title Graphic

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From the scrapbook of Ann Chapman

 Brendan Shine receiving award for Abbeyshrule - and lyrics to Abbyshrule - donated by Ann Chapman

On card text:


1. My thoughts go back when I was young
To the days I went to school
In my barefeet and not much to eat
On the road near Abbeyshrule
The March winds and the halestone flew
All around my boney knees
And all I have for company was

the birds upon the trees


Take me back to the good old days
To the days when I went to school
The times were bad but I never was sad
On the road near Abbeyshrule

2. I left my home at the crack of dawn
The limestone road I'd stroll
Across the bog I could hear the dog
Chasing rabbits down a hole
I remember well that hill and dell
and the millstream closely by
I could see the trout as they jumped about
and I heard the curlew cry

Repeat Chorus

3. I'm sad today cause I'm far away
From that dear little village school
But I can't forget fond days that I spent
on the road round Abbeyshrule

Repeat Chorus

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