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Title Graphic - The Cosmos

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Photos contributed by Joe Gillespie

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The Cosmos - Band handout photo contributed by Kevin Irwin

This was the original line up. The picture was take by Clifford Burke on the bridge at Glynn outside Larne in 1962/3.

Personel, left to right: Owen Kelly - Bass, Lovatt Beggs - Vocals, Sammy Todd - Drums, Morris Boyd - Vocals, Joe Gillespie - lead guitar , Alan Duncan - rythmn guitar

"I was one of the founding members of the Cosmos Showband. The band was formed in Larne, Co. Antrim in 1962 and ran until 1964. We played a mixture of country and pop (surprise, surprise). We played regularly at the Cavern Club in Ballyclare and did one night stands all over the North.

When the band got a contract to tour military bases in Europe, I had just
started art college in Belfast and couldn't go and was replaced by Billy
Herron on lead guitar.

I took my brother Stewart's place in The System (1965-68) who played r'n'b and soul while he played in the Hi-Seas but he eventually rejoined The System on keyboards. The System played in clubs in Larne and Belfast mostly.

I came to London in 1968 to go to the Royal College of Art. I made and
played synthesisers all through the '70s."

More recently, I played in The Wandle Delta Blues Band in London. "

~ Joe Gillespie ©2006

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