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The Cossacks -

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Photo contributed by Billy Swann

Promotional Pic- The Cossacks, Ballymena - contributed by Billy Swann

Back Row (L-R): John Surgenor, Brian McWhirter, Brian Clarke, Dick Close.

Front row (L-R): Harry Coulter, Joey Rankin, Jimmy Lynn.

"Joey Rankin had taken my place. Joey was a former bass player with the Green Angels. I believe he played rhythm guitar with the Cossacks, with Brian Clarke taking over the lead guitar. Joey and Jimmy Lynn became the featured vocalists at this stage and this is how the band continued until it disbanded in the early 70's.

Joey Rankin, Jimmy Lynn and Brian Clarke formed a very successful group called Par 3 at that stage and made many TV appearances and records. They all moved to Canada after a few years to do the same there.

Joey Rankin and Jimmy Lynn still play in the Par 3 in Toronto today. Dick Close died in 1998 and Tommy Lamont died in 2003." ~Billy Swann © 10 July 2004

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