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The Countrymen - Antrim - Title graphic

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Band handout photo contributed by Paul Fynes (Nova Scotia, Canada)

Band Handout photo shot by Ron Hey in 1968 - Contributed by Paul Fynes.

"This picture of The Countrymen was taken in the Parochial Hall in Ballymena in approximately 1968. The layout of the picture is unusual but it was taken by a photographer named Ron Hey, who apparently had done some work for Vogue Magazine and he wanted to do something different. The photograph was turned into a lithograph on yellow paper and that became the handout after dances." ©Paul Fynes (Nova Scotia) 31/12/2003

Back row: Tony McConamie (RIP) and Maurice Crum
Middle Row: George Dillon, Paul Fynes and Harry Lynn
Front Row: Danny Otterson

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