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The Countrymen - Antrim - Title graphic

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Countrymen van snapshot contributed by Paul Fynes (Nova Scotia - Canada)

Photo of the Countrymen's van - contributed by Paul Fynes

"This picture was taken on the docks in Belfast. We were playing on a ship I think was called 'HMS Caroline'. This was one of those gigs you would like to forget because it was impossible to get a good sound (steel walls and ceiling) and some officers thought we were a little loud. Not to waste time on tact or worry about 'interpersonal skills' I remember an officer simply asking, "Are you trying to sink the f****** ship - turn it down".

The van also represented the usual anticipation before a gig and general teasing between the band members but after the gig most of the guys were asleep before we got out of second gear. The drive home was always quiet but not boring. Not being able to sleep in a moving vehicle I always sat up front with the driver, partly to keep him company (to make sure he didn't fall asleep) and partly to be the lookout. The small country roads in the North of Ireland had a lot of intersections and when we approached an intersection late at night the driver would turn off the headlights momentarily. If we didn't see lights coming from the adjacent road, that meant the road was clear and we simply drove through without stopping!! We must have been nuts.." ©Paul Fynes 1/1/2004

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