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The Dixonaires - Title

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Picture contributed by Lorraine Clarke

Photo of a very young Dave Dixon with Saxaphone

"This is a very young picture of my grandad [Dave Dixon].

My grandad passed away 21 years ago (26th April 1926 - 5th March 1985 (Age 59) . He died on stage (heart attack) while playing the sax.  He was playing in the Hilgrove Hotel, Monaghan to keep Monaghan Hospital open at the time.  

There was a tribute night for him in the same hotel on Monday 11th September 1989.  His band called themselves the "Dixon Disciples".  The other line up for the night was Paddy Cole (who also played at his funeral along with the late Paddy McGuigan), Tony & Ray (The Patches), Brendan McGee and a woman called Catherine Coates (& Noreen Monaghan, Jury's Irish Cabaret). " Lorraine Clarke 24 November 2005

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