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The Green Angels (Antrim)

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Green Angels (Antrim), history p. 2

Unfortunately about six months after I left, a number of other members of the Green Angels quit. I believe Gerry McIlduff joined the High Seas from Larne, Malachy Kearns joined the band in which I was playing -  the Red Admirals, Ballymena  before joining another band (whose name escapes me) as lead vocalist and Joey Rankin joined the Cossacks also from Ballymena. Later Malachy and Joey emigrated to Canada where Joey founded the Par Three.

Sadly Gerry McLean and Jimmy Halferty have since passed on but are not forgotten by the other band members and their many fans.

If anyone has further information about the Green Angels I will be happy to update the above. Please drop a line to my e-mail address –

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