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The Jack Ruane Showband

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From the scrapbook of Ann Chapman
Read "The Jack Ruane Band" by Judd Ruane

The Jack Ruane Showband - Publicity Pic

From L-R: (Top Row) Aidan Canning [RIP] (trombone) and Judd Ruane. Middle Row: Eugene McCaffrey; Jack Ruane, Jr; and[unknown] Bottom Row: [unknown]; George Hunt (?) (drums).

excerpt from a conversation with Elaine Schneider (Jack Ruane's grandaughter) "...My father is in the photograph, Judd Ruane (top right), my uncle Jack too (Middle row, center). But unfortunately my grandfather is missing, the Head, as he was called!

...My grandfather played a Jazz session twice a week in the Riverboat Inn, in Ballina, up to shortly before he died. He died at the age of 85 on 6th May 1997. The pub belonged to my parents but they sold it in 2001. My father still plays at weddings and other functions. Gay McIntyre plays with him too. " © Elaine Schneider 27/10/2003

Note: Elaine is looking for information about her grandfather, especially his showband years. She may be contacted at this address:

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