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The Miami Showband

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poem transcribed from a newspaper clipping from the scrapbook of Ann Chapman

THIS SAD, but beautiful poem was sent to JUSFAKIDS by Catherine, She prefers to withhold her full name and address

How strange it was, only God knows why
These young men were called to die.
On that doomed day of July.

Suddenly and sadly came the call,
Without farewell they left us all.

Long days will follow, with sad regrets.
Of the Miami victims we shall never forget.
With tears that fell, with sorrow so deep.
Left with photos and memories to keep.

When thoughts go back to bygone days.
Of times they enjoyed in many ways,
Forever and ever the world will cry.

Why did God choose the Miami to die,
Never shall memories fade,
Around the dance halls where
those young men played.

The young talented fingers upon the notes.
And the charming songs that young Fran wrote.
Looking forward to August twenty-five.
If Fran O'Toole had been alive,

With happy and sad memories left behind,
A few words of rhythm, just to remind.

Time will unfold, and friends disappear,
But memories will hold, Brian McCoy very dear,
Simple words they -- the very thing,
Will always remember and think of him

His face we saw before us.
And his voice we loved to hear,
A smile we shall always remember,
Of Anthony Geraghty, who was loved so dear.

Days of remembrance will be silently kept.
Of a band we loved and will never forget.


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