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The Premier Aces

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"Mr. J. Lenehan: I have been handed this letter which is headed “The New Bermuda Showband”:Dear Mr. Y,
In reply to your ad, Bermuda available January 1st at £45; Houston Wells and the Rebels available January 1st at £40 and January 4th at £100. Thanking you sincerely.
Pat Donnellan.Look at the envelope in which it appears. I did not know that Pat Donnellan was a Member of this House or of the Seanad and if he was not a Member he was not entitled to use that postage.
Dr. Cruise-O'Brien: What is the relevance to this Estimate?
Mr. J. Lenehan: I am giving this to the Attorney General. This letter was paid for by the taxpayer. This man is the manager of a number of showbands and he can apparently get free postage through this House. I defy anyone to challenge that. How did he get this free postage?
Mr. P. Belton: He is not a member of this House." source: Dáil ÉireannVolume 243; 02 December, 1969; Committee on Finance;Vote 20: Office of the Minister for Justice (Resumed).

The Premier Aces - Publicity Pic

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