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The Presidents - Title Graphic

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Photo contributed by Danny McLaughlin

Band Handout photo - The Presidents Showband - contributed by Danny McLaughlin

On Card Text: Compliments from - The Presidents Showband. Manager: 43 Lyndhurst Parade, Belfast, 13. Phone: 747537

Lineup (L-R): Joe McGreevy,(lead vocalist and trombone; Paul McGreevy, lead guitar(brother of Joe); Liam Shepherd,(trumpet); Ronnie Campbell,(tenor sax & clarinet); Hugh Kelly,(drums); Howard Fleming (tenor sax); Dessie Dunne, (trombone & vocals); Danny McLaughlin (Bass & vocals).

The photo was taken in the early 1960's in the Orpheus Ballroom, York St., Belfast. A professional photographer took it.

*ID's and comments provided by Danny McLaughlin

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