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The Red Admirals - title

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Promo photo contributed by Mike Niblett

The Red Admirals (Ballymena)- picture contributed by Mike Niblett

30/10/2003 - " ...can't remember all the boys names, but Billy Herron, lead guitar is [second] from left (looking a bit morose, but a nice bloke). He also played with me in the "High Seas." He is in Canada now. Second from left at the back, I think, is John Wilson an excellent drummer. He may have also played with a group called the Stratatones. Their manager was ... Harry Lynn.... " © Mike Niblett

22/12/2003 - update - band lineup provided by George Dillon (Red Admirals, 1967/68):

Front Row (L-R) Jimmy Fullerton (brother of Jackie of UTV fame - lead vocals), Billy Herron (lead guitar), George Dillon (rhythm guitar/vocals), Malachy Kearns (vocals/saxaphone), Jimmy Beverland (bass guitar).

Back Row (L-R) Danny Otterson (keyboard/saxaphone), John Wilson (drums).

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