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Tony G. Ford and the Stellas - title

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Promo photo contributed by Mike Niblett

The Stellas  in Frankfurt by Mike Niblett

Back (l-r): Stanley Johnstone (hythmn,sax and vocals), Tony G. Ford (lead vocals),Henry Magee (keyboard and backing vocals), John Del Bianco (lead guitar and backing vocals), Davy Walker (tenor sax).r
Front (l-r): Jimmy Martin (drums), Mike Niblett (bass guitar and backing vocals)

"This one was taken in Frankfurt A.M. aroundJune1965. It was one of a series of photos taken to promote a single we had made on the CBS label "Fortune Teller"/"Wooley Bully"(both songs are still on sale on various compilation labels in europe). We were playing at the K52club on Frankfurt's Kaiserstrasse at the time. There we played from 11pm --5am, every night, and that was when this pic was taken, about 5.30am, and the session went on for another couple of hours around Frankfurt."

additional notes and tidbits from Mike Niblett -

-Tony G is a cousin of the Galways , well known Flautist James and George who also played bass or reed in another showband. Tony G's real name is George Gafford.

- The guitar beside me is Johnny's Gretsch Country Gent (wasn't much country played on it mind you) if you look closely it's really propped with his finger and thumb in case it got scratched!

- My guitar is the other one a prized powder blue, almost white, Fender  Precision Bass. It was to be stolen in Blackpool, England a year later.

" ©Mike Niblett, 7 November 2003, 27 November 2003

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