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TheTrixons Showband

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Photo submitted by John Baird

Band Handout Photo - The Trixons - contributed by John Baird

Line up: (not necessarily in order) - Shay McCarthy (guitar) , Bobby Hastings (bass) ,  Mick Goode (drums),  George Hasson (Trumpet),   Eric Wrixon / Ricky Roberts (keyboards),  Jim Malone (sax)   Terry Connolly (vocals) - Frank Kennedy (Irish Showband Archives) 15, March 2004

"This band was the brainchild of Eric Wrixon (second from left, top row), who also played with "Them" and "The People", later "Eire Apparent" - Mike Niblett, 14 March 2004

"This band were brought over from England and had probably one Irish guy playing with them. They were managed by Mick Clerkin now head of Ritz Records and formerly of Release Records - Clerkin started his career as a roadie with the Mighty Avons." - Ollie Kennedy, 18 March 2004

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