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Special thanks to Danny Murray for contributing this photo, and Dusty Young and Stanley Adgey for ID's and commentary.

->Click here to read "Showband Legend's Battle Against Heart Disease", an article about Tony Morelli, written by Sandy Chapman of News Letter

Showband Handout picture - The Witnesses Bandshow - "Be Your Own Judge" -

Clockwise from bottom left: Joe "Boots" Clark (RIP), Gerry Rice (sax), Andy Wilson (Trombone), Harry "Trixie" Hamilton (Bass), George Mullen (Trumpet), Jim Adgey (Manager), Alec Burns (lead guitar), Tony Morelli (Rhythm Guitar and vocals), Walter Maitland (Drums)*

"Trixie Hamilton... as far as I know is now involved with Musicians Union in Belfast unless he has retired. The guy who did the funny walks and was a good dancer in the band was Joe (Boots) Clark who emigrated to Canada with the band but has since sadly died. The Witnesses who went to Canada were slightly different from the one that played the Irish circuit.

There were quite a few changes over the years and it's hard to keep track of them all but they included ... George Galway (George went into teaching in Manchester and he is still doing it ), Jim McDermott, Sammy Kelso, Johnny Anderson and, for a while, Colm Wilkinson who went on to great things in Les Mis and Phantom of the Opera. There was a pianist Harry something I can't remember his surname (he may be one of the two unidentified gentlemen pictured above) he was a very good singer and later died in Israel." © 2004 Dusty Young


update 15 January 2005 - "Just to let you know about the people that you can't name in The Witnesses photo on the site. One of them is Jim Adgey (no six in the picture). He is my father who managed the band for many years. The other, I think, is Walter Maitland." ©2005 Stanley Adgey (with an able assist from his sister in Canada)

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