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Article reproduced from the Roscommon Herald Thurs April 17, 2002

Video Documentary to Follow Jivenaires Reunion

A reunion with a difference will take place in Boyle on May 31st when 60s showband “The Jivenaires” will reform for a once-off gig in the Forest Park Hotel. The show will also be taped as part of a video documentary celebrating the band members and Boyle which it is hoped will have far-reaching consequences for tourism in the town.

by Majella Sullivan

The ambitious plan to make a video of the town came about in a roundabout way, explained former band member, Danny Murray. Danny served as a post office clerk in Boyle between 1963 and 1970 before transferring back to Dublin eventually becoming Sales Manager with Eircom. Described by Jivenaire lead singer, Sean Kenny as ”one of the biggest players in communications”, Danny is the owner of the internet company NCI.

“Originally we started off thinking about making a video of the dance and we decided to employ a professional photographer, Eoghan Keating, a freelance cameraman who has worked on documentaries for RTE,” Danny explained.

However, the idea to expand the project from a video of the band’s reunion to a half hour documentary was first suggested by Keating.

“Though it’s not precisely laid out, it will centre around the Jivenaires and Boyle with some snap shots of scenery and local people but nothing is set in stone yet,” he stressed.

Funded entirely by Danny, he’s hoping that his company’s “extensive internet interests” will help with the marketing and promotion of the video. According to Sean Kenny, Danny’s love of Boyle and happy years spent in the town prompted him to commission the documentary.

“He returns on a regular basis and has a great affinity with Boyle and is making this video as a gesture to that,” Sean told the Herald.

Remembering the glory days of The Jivenaires, Danny recalls how he got to know the Kenny family through lodging in their house while he worked in the post office. There he met Sean, Monte, Pat Hoye, Pat Hever, Liam Conroy and Evelyn O’Meara and The Jivenaires were born.

“We played about three nights a week and we would have played without ever getting paid,” says Danny.

He recalls the pinnacle of their career when they got an appearance on The Showband Show on Teilifis Eireann. “We got that through Brendan O’Reilly and it was organised through us doing a gig for his brother who was a priest.”

The reunion on May 31st will include all original band members with Evelyn O’Meara flying over from Genoa, Italy and Pat Hoye rejoining the group from Boston where he works as a musician and music teacher. Tickets are now on sale for EUR 8 (EUR 10 at the door) for an evening of nostalgia from 10.30 to the early hours of the following day.

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