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Ode to the Jivenaires

After 35 years who would have thought
That a band of that age could still make us rock!

We clapped and we cheered, we laughed and we sang,
At the Jivenaires Reunion, that last night in May.

On the guitar and vocals was the Sean Kenny.
The likes of him there aren't very many.

Wee Pat on the drums belting it out,
From Elvis the King, to the fantastic "Wipeout".

From the "Do Ron Ron" till the end of the night,
Evelyn is still Boyle's "Miss Dynamite."

From the U.S. of A. there was Pat on the Bass
His cockney accent, wasn't it ACE.

The Kinks, the Beatles and Manfred Mann,
Remembering these songs,
Monty was the MAN.

Ricky, Christie, Liam and Michael too,
Back on the stage singing the ones they once knew.

Danny it was sad that you could not be there,
But 11 hours of video to watch -- we hope you can bear!

They played all the oldies of all the greats ~~
No wonder they came from Scotland and the

The memories and the reminiscences will live long in the mind,
The singing and dancing were one of a kind.

Andrew, Honor and Vanessa would just like to say,
Thank you all for a fantastic Day!!!! *

*(All that was missing from the night of dreams,
Were the three backing singers --- The White Supremes!)

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