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Photo contributed by Mr. Pat Hever

The Beginning - Tennis Club Benefit - Chirstmas 196* - for pint we'll tell you

"'One thing leads to another' is a truism which sums up how the Jivenaires came into existence..."
How the Jivenaires were Formed
by William. B. Devine.

Photo - Formal pic onstage at the Tennis Club - Our first gig.

Caption - Back row: Sean Kenny, Pat Feely(RIP), CHristy Regan, ANdrew McKeon, Michael Kennedy. Front: Pat Hever, WB Devine, Nancy O'Connor (RIP), Evelyn O'Mara

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"Jiving was the big craze in those days and despite the popularity of the Beatles, the Kinks, etc no-one could jive to their music." (source: Tony Magee, Tough Nut to Crack -

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