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"At it's peak the showband boom provided employment directly to some 12,000 people..."(source: The Northside Folklore Project:

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Listed below are the names of some of the more well-known showbands. In time, this list will expand and include links to scrapbook pages containing photographs and other showband memorabilia. If you would like to suggest that we include a band not listed here, please feel free to send in the name (to: or leave a note in the showband memory book. If you have pictures you'd like to share, or have included on this site -- we'd love to see them --before sending any, however, please do take the time to read our submission guidelines.

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~ a ~
note: #'s in brackets tell how many pics are in that section
The Abilene Showband The Aces The Action
Pat Lynch & the Airchords [3] The Airliners Showband The Alpine Seven
Denis Allen & his Band [1] The Ray Allen Orchestra The Alley Katz
The Altonaires [1] The Ambassador 7 [1] American Express [2]
American Pie [1] The Amigoes The Annalees Showband
The Angels Showband The Paul Anthony Showband The Apaches Showband
The Apollo Showband The Arabs[6] The Aran Showband
The Arcadia Showband The Arcadians (Navan) The Archers Showband
The Arctic Showband[1] The Arrans The Arrivals[2]
The Arrows The Astrals [1] The Astronauts
The Atlantic[1] The Atlantis[1] The Avengers
The Avonaires The Mighty Avons[4]
~ b ~
The Bachelors
The Jim Bacon Orchestra La Bamba Showband [1] The Bandits [2]
The Bankers The Toby Bannon Orchestra The Banshees
The Chris Barber Band The Barnstormers The Barons Showband
The Barristers[1] The Mighty Barrow Boys [1] The Syd Bates Orchestra
The Bats Showband The Beaumont Seven The Beavers Showband
The Belaires Showband The Beltona Showband The Bermuda Showband [2]
The Berwyn Band The Big Four [1] The Big 8[6]
The Big Time Showband [1] The Bigtimers Band The Black Aces[3]
The Black Diamond Showband The Blackdots[2] The Black Eagles
The Blazers Ian Blommer Ballroom Orchestra The Blue Aces [1]
The Blue Angels The Bluebeats Showband (Belfast) The Bluebeats Showband (Dublin)
The Bluebirds The Blue Boys Showband The Blue Crystals
The Blue Diamonds The Blueglows The Blue Rockets
The Blue Zodiacs Bojangle The Pat Bourke Showband
The Jimmy Boyce Showband The Breakaways The Bridesiders [2]
The Jack Brierly Showband The Broadway Show Band [1] The Bromwells
The Brothers Showband The Billy Brown Band Pete Brown & his Band of Renown
The Brunswick Showband Brian Coll & the Buckaroos [2] The Buckshots Showband
The Kevin Burke Showband The Burmah Showband The Burton Showband
The Bye Laws Showband The Chris Byrne Showband
~ c ~ The Cadets [8] Cades County [1]
The Johnny Calvert Showband
Pat Campbell's Showband [1] The Candy Showband
The Capitol[16] The Capri Showband [1] The Carling Showband
The Caroline Showband The Carousel Showband The Gene Carr Showband
The Casino[2] Dawn Knight & the Casuals [3] The Cavalier Showband
The Central Seven Showband The Tony Chambers Showband Gina, Dale Haze and the Champions
The Checkers Showband [1] The Checkmates The Chessmen[2]
The Chimes Linda Martin and The Chips The Johnny Christopher Show [1]
The Citizens Showband
The Bud Clancy Showband John Kerr and The Classic The Classic Showband [13]
The Clavichords The Claxton Showband[1] The Cleffonaires[1]
The Cliffords Showband Clipper Carlton[4] Dermot O'Brien & his Clubmen[7]
Club Sound Showband The Coasters [1] The Paddy Cole Band[2]
Cole's Band The College Showband The College Boys[1]
Des Smyth and the Collegemen The Donie Collins Showband[2] The Colombia Showband
The Colours Showband The Comets Showband The Commodores Showband
The Noel Connell Showband The Conquerers Showband [2] The Coral Showband
The Cordettes Showband The Cortina Showband The Cosmos Showband [2]
The Cossacks [4] The Cotton Mill Boys [2] The Joe Coughlan Orchestra
The Corsairs Showband The Pascal Cosgrove Showband Philomena Begley & the Country Flavour
The Country Folk [1] The Countrymen (Antrim) [7] The Countrymen (Clara) [6]
The Courtelles Showband The Cousins [1] The Cowboys
The Crackaways[9] The Crescendos Showband The Creole Showband
The Gerry Cronin Showband The Crowns Showband The Bob Cupples Showband
The Cyclones Showband (Belfast) The Cyclones Showband (Dublin)

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"There was a time in this town when a man couldn't throw a stone at random and fail to hit a past, present or soon-to-be member of a showband."
(source: Gerry Anderson TV/Radio Presenter & ex-showband member :

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