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"Starting at 8 it was not unknown for these events to bounce on beyond midnight, the same band playing all the time. "(Source Highland Archives:

June 29, 2004

  • More server troubles, so we were offline for a good 4 hours today - No guarantees, but it sounds like things are fixed .
  • And, for the Mullingar contingent - The Merry Minstrels .

June 28, 2004

  • Server Ups n downs - Apologies to those having a tough time reaching us today - our hosting company is experiencing some technical difficulties on their end -- should be resolved soon.

June 27, 2004

June 26, 2004

June 25, 2004

  • No update today - just passing along a bit from Black47's monthly newsletter because ..well, better explained in this excerpt:

    "On Thursday, July 1st, at 9pm sharp, Black 47 will play a free show at Connolly's, 121 W. 45th Street. ITV (UK) will be filming us performing Mychal as part of a documentary they are preparing on Father Mychal Judge, OFM, the late chaplain of the NYFD, who was tragically killed on 9/11. The documentary will be shown all over Europe in mid-September and will receive a national viewing in the US at a later date. The producers of the show are especially interested in recreating the type of show that Father Judge would have seen during his visits to Connolly's to see Black 47. So, rather than just film the song, we've decided to perform a full show and throw it open as a "thank you" to everyone who has supported us in Connolly's down through the years. We would especially like to welcome members of NYFD, NYPD and the Emergency Services and anyone who might have known Father Judge or been influenced by him. Random interviews will be conducted during the show by the film crew. I hope you can all make it. It will be a very special evening. Just show up. No tickets or booking required."

June 24, 2004

June 23, 2004

  • You just can't get good help these days - apologies to anyone who clicked on the Plattermen link below and found themselves in cyberlimbo. Error is now corrected and the guilty party is on a bread and water diet until...
  • Some small changes made to the set-up on the bands list pages.

June 22, 2004

  • A pic of Pat Chesters added to the Plattermen section.

June 21, 2004

  • Special thanks to Karl Prendergast for sending in a remarkable early photo of the Bridesiders. Karl's grandfather, Frank Prendergast and uncle Jim Prendergast were in the Bridesiders. Jim and brother Joe went on to play in the Victors.

June 20, 2004

  • New handout photo added to the Mainliner's section - with a casually attired Big Tom...and Mainliners dressed to the nines,
  • and for general consideration,,,a quote re. showbands from a far-away corner of the net "Enthusiasm tended to supersede talent, but their ...[showbands] regimentation did provide a training ground for future stars such as Rory Gallagher and Eric Bell (Thin Lizzy's first guitarist)." (Google it to find it)

June 19, 2004

  • Para Sabado -- una banda nueva, La Fiesta. (okay, okay we'll say it in english...the Fiesta Showband)

June 18, 2004

June 17, 2004

  • Another one for the ladies - a well-loved pic of a suited and tied Dermot O'Brien.

June 16, 2004

  • A new photo added to the Airchords section.

June 14, 2004

June 13, 2004

  • The Countrymen (Clara) section expanded with a new handout photo - a few years older than in the last pic.

    June 10, 2004

    June 9, 2004

    June 6, 2004

    • The beginning of The Sands section started.

      June 4, 2004

      • A little something "refreshing" for a friday.....the Freshmen, Ballymena.

      June 1, 2004

      • Went rummaging around and found (hey, that rhymes) another pic for the Ohio Showband section.

      May 30, 2004

      • Just when you thought it was more wedding pic.

      May 29, 2004

      • Getting a few requests for more pics of this fella as of late - So, here goes - a new Big Tom pic.

      May 28, 2004

      May 25, 2004

      • A little change of pace - heading back to Newry - this time with the Epic Showband.

      May 24, 2004

      • More in the continuing story of Monty and Irene's Wedding - here, here and here .

      May 15, 2004

      May 13, 2004

      May 12, 2004

      May 9, 2004

      May 7, 2004

      May 5, 2004

      May 2, 2004

      April 29, 2004

      • Another photo from Monty and Irene added - this time to the Jivenaires scrapbook - although a piece of Jivenaires history, a face or two might be of interest to non-jives.

      April 25, 2004

      April 21, 2004

      April 20, 2004

      April 19, 2004

      • Added a scan of a Joe Dolan sheet music cover sent in by Dave Hynes - to the Drifters section.
      • It was a pleasant surprise to find as Eircom's Site of the Day this past Saturday - Thanks to all who have contributed pictures and words. And, even more thanks to those of you dropping by and dancing down memory lane with us. You were the reason we played, and you're the reason we keep doing this.

      April 17, 2004

      • A couple of fun new additions to the Big 8 pages - scans of both sides of the record sleeve from Brendan Bowyer and the Big 8 - Hucklebucking Again - "Don't Lose your Hucklebuck Shoes." Special thanks to record collector Thomas Patrick McLoughlin (aka ebaymerchant bigtom16) for the contribution.

      April 16, 2004

      • Several Ex-showbanders from Mullingar have gotten together to start a new web-based enterprise, Ireland's Music.The first phase of the website, including MMC Music, (an online record shop), and a musician's profile section are up and running. Drop in and have a look around!

      April 12, 2004

      • A new handout photo added to the Cotton Mill Boys section - and warm thanks to Monty and Irene Montgomery for giving us the loan of some very special photos - more to come in the days that follow.
      • And....a special Jives welcome to those of y'all who arrive here looking for Senator John Kerry. His homepage can be found here . Course, y'all are welcome to stay and have a look around if you'd like!

      April 4, 2004

      April 3, 2004

      • Jack Cooke and the Jackpots section started.

      March 29, 2004

      • Jives experienced a 2 day outage of its email servers over the weekend just past - anyone who's had mail bounce back, our apologies - please resend.
      • We don't usually point out individual additions to the links pages - but one made yesterday begs mentioning -- Ollie Kennedy - singer, songwriter, showbander... and long time friend of the Jivenaires has decided to take the plunge on the net. Drop by and visit Ollie at :

      March 25, 2004

      • OK Shams! Name a few of these musicians (and we are not mistaking politicians for musicians) and what was the event?
      Click pic to get a closer look

      March 21, 2004

      • Three new pics added to the Capitol Showband section - sincerest thanks to Michelle Duffy for sharing these very special photos of her parents Patricia and Gabriel Duffy.
      • Trixons lineup added.

      March 14, 2004

      • A new section started - The Trixons - anyone see any familiar faces?

      March 13, 2004

      • ..and an equally long overdue addition to the Seekers pages.

      March 9, 2004

      • A long overdue addition to the Stellas pages.

      March 6, 2004

      March 1, 2004

      • Added another pic to the Times Band (Mullingar) section.

      February 28, 2004

      February 24, 2004

      • Added a new showband handout photo to the Donie Collins section.

      February 14, 2004

      February 8, 2004

      February 7, 2004

      February 6, 2004

      February 3, 2004

      February 1, 2004

      • Updates and edits to the History of the Green Angels article.
      • Some names matched with faces in the Witnesses (Belfast) section.
      • Making the "what's new" page a little easier to navigate/scroll through - we'll be indexing these monthly ( or every other month as circumstances dictate. )

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